Crazy Love

Crazy Love. Recently, this book “Crazy Love” came across my desk. At theGreater Frederick Church of Christ, we are currently involved in a “Crazy Love” campaign for the next month. Crazy Love isn’t preachy, but just presents life in a way that is hard to argue with. Sometimes when we put stuff in perspective it makes so much more sense than leaving it out of context and alone. Oh yeah, it’s also a New York Times Bestseller…for those of you who only read “those kinds of books” 😉

So often we get bogged down in the every day worries of life – how we can get to work on time, how to avoid getting speeding tickets, how to get our kids to shut up and listen, how to get dinner on the table, relax, and somehow still get to bed on time to repeat it all the next day – we forget to look at the big picture. It seems intimidating. For those of us who grew up Christian, we can put it in a box, to open on Easter, or Christmas, and every other time we forget it as though it shouldn’t affect our every day lives. What we don’t understand is that sometimes, by simply letting go and realizing we aren’t always in control, and that life is so much shorter than we think it is, we actually end up on top if we trust in someone bigger and stronger than anyone we know.

As a history major, I’ve always appreciated the bible as an ironically accurate picture of the life of people living in the Fertile Crescent, Israel, Babylon, and even the Roman empire. People remain the same throughout all of time, and so does God. He’s the only constant thing. We might lose our jobs tomorrow, or our life the next day, but only one person actually knows when that will be, and how we will get through it. I’d challenge you if you agree or disagree with God, the bible, or even religion as a whole, to pick it up and see for yourself. We can’t logically disagree with something if we don’t know enough to back up that argument.

If you’re too scared or lazy to check out the book (as I’m sure some of you are 😉 ) then check out the website:


One thought on “Crazy Love

  1. Thanks for this post. I came across it when I saw that your “related articles” section linked to a post that I had done recently on a similar topic. In any event, I agree with you that it’s so easy to just coast along, stay in control and not have our faith affect our everyday lives. Francis Chan is a phenomenal example of someone who walks closely with God and expects Him to ‘show up’ in the ordinary moments of life. I hope your church benefits from its Crazy Love campaign.

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