Books Galore!

Books, books, books galore! Now I know what you’re thinking – Who reads anymore?? Well…I do. A lot. In college I took a 3 year break because frankly, reading historical novels and biographies was just SO much more exciting – or just rather time consuming… so alas, here I am. Reading once more.

When I was an excited youngster, I used to read an average of 1 1/2 books a day. And no, this wasn’t because I had no friends..I swear! With all the health issues I had growing up, it was either that or watch mindless tv. So you can guess what my parents chose! It paid off though, gave me great insight into human nature, intellect, and various points of view.

Because it might be the history buff in me, but reading isn’t obsolete yet! You can watch all the TV shows or movies you want, but when it comes down to it, they are much less rewarding than opening a good book – notice I didn’t just say ANY book. Reading for the sake of reading, and reading to gain insight are polar opposites. You can read all the chick flick books you want, but unless you have an open mind, it’s all for nothing. If you continually challenge yourself either in the words or contexts of the stories, you’ll see a much greater sense of life.

So in college I gave up reading for fun because I was so overwhelmed with reading for school. Books like April Blood about the Medici plot, and Uncle Tom’s Cabin cluttered my shelves instead of Ender’s Game, Harry Potter, Mary Queen of Scots, the other Boleyn Girl…I could go on and on. While it was good to get outside my comfort zone, I find that choosing my own books is much more rewarding. Not in the sense that they’re easier reads, because most of them aren’t, but I find that I enjoy books with good, strong characters who are multi-dimensional. While reading a book for its historical significance is great, I find that if the characters are complex enough, most books will tell about society through them instead of though a long, lectured narrative.

I’ve read and have favorite books in almost every genre imaginable. Whether it’s historical, fantasy, science fiction, or the classics, people are still the same. But continually worth learning from. Each time I read a book or if there are ones that I’ve read that I feel are worth passing on, I’ll let you know 🙂


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