A Bit of Halloween

So I realize it’s not Halloween. Yes, I do have a working calendar. However..I was a little busy toward the end of October what with me turning 21 and all that jazz. Family was also in town so it was a lovely occasion. It was also snowing so…that was a little distracting. I must say, I’m so used to having the day after Halloween off from my school days that working was a little difficult – although it’s not like I went out and trick or treated in the freezing weather anyway!

So I’ll be the first to admit I’m not the hugest fan of Halloween. It just seems…overdone. When you have to spend upwards of $60 every year for a costume…it seems that the whole point of the holiday has gone by the wayside. But I suppose that happens as traditions mix, cultures change, and time goes on. So I’m not writing this to slap anyone on the wrist for not being super-Halloweenish. Because that’s okay. In fact…if we skipped the whole holiday I personally wouldn’t miss it! I mean, no one really needs pounds of candy, right!?

I think though, there is something special about Halloween. In lieu of All Hallows Eve, our culture certainly doesn’t overlook the thin line or small break in the rift of time, of the dead and the living. It’s a holiday where we delve into perhaps the most frightening thing of all – death and what it means to us. Zombies and Vampires show us that we fear death to such a degree that we would perhaps do anything, sell our souls to have one more day on Earth. This is a sobering thought. For a country that is known as a Christian Nation…we certainly do take this fear to an unspiritual level.

That’s all the thoughts I really have off of the top of my head about Halloween. I told you..not my favorite holiday, but I do like it because it’s in the fall 🙂 And I couldn’t very well skip a holiday!

p.s. what’s all this blasphemy about trunk-o-treating!?!? talk about just giving kids candy for the sake of giving it away. let them dress up, go out and about! If you’re neighborhood’s not safe, take them to a nice town – I saw people in old Ellicott City going into the shops downtown all dressed up, like a parade, it was adorable!


Let me know what you think!

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