Ode to Fall

Autumn. The sun shines through the leaves as they change colors, turning as a deep blood orange, rays of warmth through the coldness of winter. The in-between. There is something beautiful about this time, when life seems to hang like a fine thread, embracing both the ice of winter and the warmth of summer, and somehow finding both. And neither. Where birds still sing to you, trying to wake you up to their beautiful song instead of your alarm clock, a reminder that life goes on, whether you are part of it or not. But you get up, because you inherently desire to embrace the last vestiges of warm weather. A reminder that you’re still clinging on to warm, lazy summer nights. But not in fall. The mornings are cool reminders of the day ahead of you, the bustling of the city streets, people walking past you, pulling at their jackets and sweaters to keep them warm. When it rains you can see your breath, you can smell the snow in the air. When you go hiking the air is crisp and fresh, and you are surrounded by beautiful trees, and the sounds of birds chirping in the distance. The valley below looks warm and inviting, the trees a bright fire that grows beneath your feet. There’s something about the cool fall weather that makes you feel so pensive. Maybe it’s because you can feel the earth changing, growing older, or maybe it’s because at the end of a long day, you can simply wrap yourself up in a nice, down blanket, open a good book, and sip some tea. Watching the leaves fall down around you. Because it’s Fall.


Let me know what you think!

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