Any Given Sunday

Have you ever felt like you just weren’t meant to do something? I mean to the point where it’s challenging fate to even suggest it? Well…that’s how I am about sports. Now, when I was growing up I had some particular issues with athletic activities, outdoor activities, any sort of sports-related behavior and/or training. I tried just about everything there was.

My dad trying to teach me how to fish. It wasn't successful. And no, I didn't catch a fish.

Soccer was okay, Lacrosse was slightly better but much scarier (as I will explain), track was equally as difficult, but swimming was the best. Just me and the water – what could go wrong? Given that I was quite the daredevil as a child, the danger didn’t bother me. In fact, I welcomed the risk: BRING IT ON.

Okay so don't bring on the cold...because that IS scary..

But…the real problem was my vision. I mean, it was rough. I don’t know if any of you wear glasses or contacts, but the average prescription is around -2 to -2.5 (I don’t know actually, I completely made this up from talking to like 2 people who have worn contacts..). MINE on the other hand was an astounding 6/6.5, with a larger diameter (since I have scary huge eyes apparently) than most brands make. So of course being that young, my glasses left something to be desired. A lot, actually. I mean just LOOK at them!

But wait, you argue, they look so cute! Well yeah…but imagine trying to play soccer in those things. To keep track of everyone else on the field while still looking at the ball. I’m talking negative peripheral vision. I couldn’t see a darn thing. In fact, when I played lacrosse I didn’t even realize the ball was coming my way until it was too late and I was hit, smack in the middle of my face. In the cold. it was probably raining, I don’t know I blocked it out.

It may have gone something like this...except my hands weren't as effective at blocking

Needless to say, I gave up on that need in my life. It’s for bigger and better people than me. But that doesn’t mean I still don’t make worthy attempts to stay up on sports anyway. I just graduated from Maryland, and yes, I did of course attend the Duke games, or as many of them as I could which wasn’t nearly enough to brag about. And yes, I did of course follow the crowds into the ensuing riots because apparently Maryland students are known for rioting about pointless things and I couldn’t very well have gone to school there without becoming one of those hopeless fans. But since I’ve been home, my life has been filled with a new adventure.

This morning I got up and reluctantly went on the internet to check up on the box for my current fantasy football match up for the week. I say reluctantly because frankly, my team is struggling. I thought I could do it, I really did. What made me think so I’m not totally sure, but the effort was most certainly there, and I deserve a few bonus points for that! I have to say, I’m a Bills fan. And when I lost the other week because my opponent had Fred Jackson and Buffalo won, I was pretty torn. However, such is my thirst to win fantasy that I immediately cursed the Bills for even thinking of doing better in their scores! How dare they try to win! But of course, their win was my loss. Sports triumph once again. This week however, I’ve stepped it up. As my title claims, on any given Sunday (or Monday I suppose…or really, any day of the week) things can change! Things have changed! And maybe it’s not too late to claim my place as a Sports Fan. No…that might be too daring. Perhaps just a good team player.


Let me know what you think!

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